Why Aqua Filsep?

Why only”AFI” water treatment systems

Using premium quality components for system reliability:

All components in our "AFI" brand water treatment systems are supplied by world-class manufacturers and industry leaders in their respective fields. Our state-of-the-art expertise and considerable water treatment knowledge ensure very high-quality products and consistency.

Sound design:
Design all the products to seek the optimal price/performance ratio. This applies not just to the system's purchase price but also to its operation. Our well-thought-out design provides low operating expenses. The CAD-assisted design method produces tiny systems that are ready to set up and maintain. Lastly, all the component inspections and maintenance are done by us.

Precision engineering for performance:
"AFI" brand water treatment systems have been meticulously designed for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, we prioritize quality rather than shortcuts to do tasks quickly. At the end of each service cycle, we consider essential parameters such as water quality, maximizing water recovery, water quality fluctuations, etc.

Simple to use and maintain :
"AFI" brand standard water treatment systems are fully installed, factory tested, and ready to operate. They are economical, simple to use, and regulate.

Unmatched after–sales service :
Aqua Filsep Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. places a high value on after-sales services. We have a sound services department, which is supported by a team of engineers to ensure that your systems run well. Besides that, Periodic logbook data analysis allows for remote monitoring of each installation's performance and, if necessary, provides well-founded suggestions

Aqua Filsep Inc. also offers service contracts that relieve clients from the burden of routine maintenance. Apart from servicing, we also provide supervision during installation commissioning and training of operating personnel. From design to after-sales servicing, we assure that you have a continuous quality water supply.

Therefore, we make every effort to focus on the needs of our customers and to ensure that they are met.


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