Water Filtration Systems

Welcome to Aqua Filsep Inc., a leading provider of water filtration systems in India. Our filters play a crucial role in the water treatment process by effectively removing colloidal particles through various media. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality filter systems that not only enhance water treatment performance but also reduce maintenance efforts.

Our pressure filters utilize tailor-made filter beds to eliminate specific impurities from process water. The Multi-Media Filter (MMF) is particularly effective in removing highly suspended solids through the use of various media layers. We manufacture both conventional and custom-designed pressure filter systems based on the quality of water intake and downstream equipment requirements.

Activated carbon filters (ACF) efficiently remove free chlorine and other oxidants from downstream equipment, safeguarding the resin and membranes. Additionally, our Green Sand Filters are designed to eliminate iron and manganese from the water supply. Our filtration systems are available in sizes ranging from 1 m3 to 70 m3/hr and are built with materials such as mild steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic pressure vessels, denoted as "ESP" and "GLH" series filters.

The Water Filtration Process involves a physical procedure to remove suspended particles, color, and odor. Pressure sand filters are employed to remove suspended particles, and filtering devices like DM Softeners or RO household water filtration systems are commonly used before any further treatment. Ultra Filtration membranes are also incorporated in certain scenarios, along with dual media filters.

Our multigrade filters from the "AFI-FS," "ESP," and "GHL'' series effectively reduce particulate and colloidal matter in the water supply. These filters operate on the depth filter concept, where a combination of coarse and fine quartz silica sand creates a filter bed with pores of varying sizes to capture both large and small suspended particles. Compared to conventional filters, our graded mixed media filters boast a significantly higher specific flow rate.

The "ESP" and "GLH" series filters are available in various flow rates, catering to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The "AFI-FS" GHL Series is constructed with FRP, while the ESP Series is made of Mild Steel.

Technical Data “GHL” Series Filters
Model Feed water flow and suspended solids
25 ppm 50 ppm
M3/hr M3/hr
MF-GHL-5101 1.5 0.75
MF-GHL-221 2 1
MF-GHL-5231 2.5 1.3
MF-GHL-8241 2.8 1.4
MF-GHL-461 4 2
MF-GHL-581 5 2.5
MF-GHL-612 6 3
MF-GHL-5842 8.5 4.2
MF-GHL-3103 13 6.5
MF-GHL-0263 20 10
MF-GHL-7224 27 13.5
MF-GHL-5384 35 17.5
Maximum operating pressure 3.0 Kgs/cm2
AFWTPL "AFI-FS" GHL Series Filter:

Our GHL Series filters are designed with excellent features to meet the diverse demands of industrial and commercial applications. With a higher flow rate, these filters efficiently handle larger hanging loads. They are built to withstand the weight of such loads without compromising performance. Another advantage of our GHL Series filters is the ability to use raw water for backwashing, reducing water consumption and making the process more sustainable. The minimal maintenance required ensures smooth operation and cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional filters, our GHL Series filters are space-saving, making them an ideal choice for space-constrained environments.

  • Vertical Cylindrical FRP pressure vessel
  • Initial charge of filter sand and under bed-material included
  • Internal water distribution and collection systems for effective operation
  • Frontal pipework and valve made of corrosion-resistant plastic for durability
  • Two pressure gauges to monitor head loss across the filter, ensuring optimal performance.
AFWTPL "AFI-FS" ESP Series Filter:

The AFI "ESP" line of industrial multigrade filters is specifically designed to control colloidal and turbidity issues effectively. Available in thirteen models, these filters offer flow rates ranging from 4 M3/hr to 210 M3/hr, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

  • Vertical Cylindrical mild steel pressure vessel painted internally and externally with epoxy paint, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability
  • Initial charge of filter sand and under bed-material provided
  • Frontal pipe work and cast iron valve made of mild steel for robustness
  • Internal water distribution and collection systems for efficient filtration
  • Vertical Cylindrical mild steel pressure vessel internally and externally painted with epoxy paint for added protection.

At Aqua Filsep Inc., we take pride in offering high-quality filtration systems like the GHL Series and ESP Series to provide optimal water treatment solutions for your industrial needs. These filters are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, contributing to improved water quality and efficient operations. For more information about our AFI-FS Water Filtration Systems and other water treatment plant services, feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to providing the best water treatment solutions and unparalleled after-sales service to our valued clients.

Model Feed water flow and suspended solids
25 ppm 50 ppm
M3/hr M3/hr
MF-ESP-806 8 4
MF- ESP-518 15 7
MF- ESP-3210 23 12
MF- ESP-3312 33 16
MF- ESP-6414 46 23
MF- ESP-1616 61 30
MF ESP-6718 76 38
MF- ESP-4920 94 47
MF- ESP-31122 113 56
MF- ESP-53124 135 57
MF- ESP-95126 159 79
MF- ESP-48128 184 92
MF- ESP-11230 211 105
Maximum operating pressure 3.0 Kgs/cm2

Our water filtration systems come with excellent features, including higher flow rates, the capacity to withstand bigger hanging loads, and minimal backwash water usage, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements. These filters occupy less space compared to traditional filters, making them a more efficient choice.

To learn more about our AFI-FS – Water Filtration System and other water treatment plant services, feel free to Contact Us. Aqua Filsep Inc. is dedicated to meeting your water treatment needs with the highest quality solutions and excellent after-sales service.


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