DM Plant (De Mineralization Plant) Water Treatment Plants

Aqua Filsep Inc. is one of the best manufacturers of DM plant Demineralisation in India. DI or deionized is another name for DM Plant or demineralizer or demineraliser.

Ion Exchange Resins are used in the Demineralisation Process to remove minerals. Water is demineralized by passing it through a Cation Resin Column, followed by an Anion Resin Column.

When minerals dissolve in water, they ionize into Cations and Anions, which are acid and base salts. The act of eliminating these Cations and Anions from water is known as demineralization.

There are two types of aqua demineralization water plants

  1. Packaged Demineralisation Water Plants
  2. Industrial Demineralised Water Plants.

Water demineralisation system consists of various combinations such as:

(WAC) – SAC – (DG) – (WBA) – SBA – (MB)

  1. SAC – SBA
  2. SAC – DG – SBA
  3. SAC – WBA – DG – SBA
  4. SAC – WBA – SBA

Above combinations with or without WAC & MB.

  • SAC : Strong Acid Cation
  • SBA: Strong Base Anion
  • WAC: Weak Acid Cation
  • WBA: Weak Base Anion
  • DG : Degassifier / Degasser
  • MB: Mix Bed

DM Water Treatment Plants are available from Aqua Filsep Inc. using both co-current and counter-current regeneration techniques:
With “AFI” Water Demineralization Plant India, distilled water purity may be achieved. Because of the proper selection of building materials and design code, our water demineralization plants are meant to survive for a longer length of time.


Demineralization water plant

The "AFI – DM" demineralisation system is the most economical way to address the growing demand for clean water with low TDS feed water. The "AFI – DM '' demineralized uses ion-Exchange Technology to remove dissolved salts from water.

Package Demineraliser

Package Demineraliser

“AFI-DM-PAC'' series of standard package two step demineralisers are based on the latest technique of Counter Current Regeneration (CCR), ranging from 100 LPH to 6 m3 /hr to serve a wide variety of industries.

“AFI – DM – PAC” series unit consists of two FRP pressure vessels,a rugged multiport valve for easy operation, and extra strong engineering grade plastic pipes. The system also offers a necessary regeneration tank with an ejector, conductivity meter, and high-grade Ion Exchange Resin.

Industrial Demineraliser

Industrial Demineraliser

Industrial Demineralisers come in a variety of sizes and flow rates. They can regenerate in either a countercurrent or a concurrent mode. Depending on raw water analysis and minimal operating cost, the "AFI-DM-ID" series plants are available in ten different configurations, including strong and weak cation, strong and weak base anion, mixed bed exchangers, and CO2 degasifiers.

Model of DM Plants

DM Plant

Sr No Model No Output Between Regeneration based on HCL as 33% Naoh as 100%





1 88 6 4 3 2 16 4
2 1010 11 7 5 4 30 6
3 1313 17 11 8 6 49 11
4 1616 30 19 14 11 85 18
5 2424 74 48 35 27 210 45
6 2430 117 76 55 43 210 71


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