Aquafilsep takes pride in offering an exclusive range of water treatment clarifier systems designed and manufactured using the best techniques, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your specific application. We prioritize uncompromising quality standards, and each of our products undergoes rigorous testing before being released to our valued customers.

Our industrial water clarifiers are meticulously designed to meet the highest quality standards and are built with precise dimensions for optimal efficiency and safety. We understand the complexities of various industries and ensure that our clarifiers can handle the toughest manufacturing processes, resulting in superior performance.

The selection of the right water clarifier system depends on factors such as settling rates, solid retention, or detention times required for clarification. At Aquafilsep, we offer a variety of clarifiers for water treatment to cater to the diverse demands of our customers. Our range includes:

  • High-Rate Solids Contact Clarifier: This clarifier combines mixing, flocculation, and sedimentation in a single unit, delivering exceptional solids contact and achieving high removal efficiency.
  • Tube Settlers: Designed to enhance the settling capacity of clarifiers, tube settlers provide a large effective surface area for particles to settle, optimizing the clarifier's performance.
  • Clariflocculators: These units efficiently combine the processes of flocculation and clarification, resulting in effective solid-liquid separation and superior water quality.
  • Lamella Clarifiers: Lamella clarifiers, also known as inclined plate settlers, maximize the settling area within a compact design, promoting efficient sedimentation and solids removal.

To learn more about our clarifiers and explore custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements, we encourage you to contact our expert team. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the day, ensuring that you find the perfect clarifier solution for your needs.

Trust Aquafilsep for top-quality clarifiers that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us assist you in finding the ideal clarifier solution for your industry.


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