Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer India

Welcome to Aqua Filsep Inc., India's leading manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and a specialist in water treatment products. Our extensive range includes commercial and industrial RO systems, water softeners, water purifiers, Sea Water and Brackish RO Systems, Double Pass RO Systems, and more. As an AFI-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems manufacturer in India, we excel in water and wastewater treatment, removing both ionic and non-ionic dissolved materials.

AFI-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems are built with the finest materials and offer exceptional value and features for various desalination applications. Our versatile design ensures that our RO plants are suitable for a wide range of industrial water purification needs. With capacities ranging from 2000 LPH to 200 m3 per hour, our RO systems are ideal for diverse industrial applications.

Reverse Osmosis, also known as R.O., plays a pivotal role in water purification. At Aqua Filsep Inc., we utilize "AFI RO," a membrane separation technique where feed water passes across a semipermeable membrane under specific pressure, resulting in two streams. The purified water, known as permeate, passes through the membrane, while the concentrated water, or reject water, containing dissolved and undissolved salts, is drained.

Field-tested and considered cost-effective, our AFI RO systems are the ideal solution for treating a wide range of brackish waters. Equipped with high-quality reverse osmosis membranes with spiral wounds, our systems are capable of removing 90-98 percent of all dissolved salts, delivering high-purity water.

Why Choose AFI RO System: The Distinct Advantages
  • High-Quality Components for System Reliability: Our "AFI" brand water treatment systems incorporate components from world-class manufacturers and industry leaders, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • Superior Design: We meticulously design all our products to achieve an optimal price/performance ratio. Our well-thought-out designs lead to low operating expenses, and our CAD-assisted design method ensures easy setup and maintenance.
  • Precision Engineering for Performance: "AFI" brand water treatment systems are engineered for maximum efficiency, prioritizing quality and long-term performance over shortcuts.
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain: Our "AFI" brand standard water treatment systems are fully installed, factory-tested, and ready to operate. They are user-friendly, economical, and easy to regulate.
  • Expandable Design: The adjustable and expandable design of AFI RO allows you to enhance your system by adding more membranes or a larger pump, without the need to purchase a completely new unit.
  • Space-Saving Configuration: The "AFI RO" reverse osmosis system is designed to fit all components within a supporting frame, allowing for compact, space-saving installations, particularly for larger applications.
Unmatched After-Sales Service:

At Aqua Filsep Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd., we prioritize after-sales services. Our sound services department, supported by a team of engineers, ensures the smooth operation of your systems. Periodic logbook data analysis allows remote monitoring of each installation's performance, and we provide well-founded suggestions if needed. Additionally, we offer service contracts to relieve clients from routine maintenance burdens. Our comprehensive support extends to supervision during installation commissioning and training of operating personnel. From design to after-sales servicing, we guarantee a continuous supply of quality water.

To learn more about our Reverse Osmosis System and other services, please feel free to contact us. At Aqua Filsep Inc., customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to meeting your water treatment needs with excellence.


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