AFI-DM – Package Demineralizer (DM Plant)

Aqua Filsep Inc. stands as one of the top manufacturers of Demineralisation (DM) Plants in India. DM Plant, also known as DI (Deionized) Plant or Demineralizer, utilizes Ion Exchange Resins to remove minerals from water. The process involves passing water through a Cation Resin Column, followed by an Anion Resin Column.

When minerals dissolve in water, they form Cations and Anions, which are acid and base salts. Demineralization refers to the removal of these Cations and Anions from water.

There are two types of Aqua Demineralization Water Plants:
  • Packaged Demineralisation Water Plants
  • Industrial Demineralised Water Plants
The Water Demineralization System consists of various combinations, such as:

(WAC) – SAC – (DG) – (WBA) – SBA – (MB)

  • SAC – SBA
  • SAC – DG – SBA
  • SAC – WBA – DG – SBA
  • SAC – WBA – SBA

Above combinations with or without WAC & MB.

  • SAC: Strong Acid Cation
  • SBA: Strong Base Anion
  • WAC: Weak Acid Cation
  • WBA: Weak Base Anion
  • DG: Degassifier / Degasser
  • MB: Mix Bed

DM Water Treatment Plants are available from Aqua Filsep Inc. using both co-current and counter-current regeneration techniques, ensuring distilled water purity. Our water demineralization plants are designed to withstand the test of time, thanks to careful material selection and adherence to design codes.

Our "AFI-DM-PAC" range of packed two-bed upflow deionizers is based on AFI's advanced "Counter-Current" regeneration technology, providing pure demineralized water at a flow rate of 1.5m3/hr to 7.5m3/hr, catering to diverse industries.

The units consist of two pressure vessels linked in series, housing columns of Ion-Exchange resins. The first column contains strong cation exchange resin, removing cations from water, while the second column houses strong base anion exchange resin types 1 and 2, removing anions to produce pure demineralized water. Different diameters of "AFI-DM-PAC" are also available, offering customization options for cation and anion columns.

For cases where feed water alkalinity is excessive, "AFWTPL" offers a combination of "AFI-DM-PAC" and "AFI DG" degasser systems, presenting an effective solution to minimize operating costs.

Salient Features:
  • Compact and easy to operate with one multiport valve on each vessel
  • Skid-mounted for convenience
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Equipped with regeneration equipment for a complete solution
  • A conductivity meter monitors water quality in siemens/cm
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food & Beverages Sector
  • Chemical Industries
  • Metal Plating Operations
  • Laboratories
  • Battery Top-Up Processes
  • Post-Treatment to Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Initial Charge of Strong Cation Exchanger and Strong Base Anion Exchanger Resin
  • Internally rubber-lined FRP/Mild Steel two pressure vessels with internal fittings
  • Hydraulic ejectors, acid & alkali tanks as part of the two-regeneration system

Frontal pipework made of anti-corrosive plastic

Multi-port valve set for ease of use with clearly defined operating procedures

Basic frame made of mild steel for attaching cation and anion units

Conductivity meter to monitor the quality of treated water

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