Water Treatment Chemical

One of our core strengths lies in manufacturing water treatment chemicals and fuel additives that prevent heat transfer scale and corrosion on surfaces. Our fuel additives, available in both solid and liquid forms, enhance fuel efficiency, improve combustion, reduce soot formation, and clean deposits on the fireside.

Our water treatment chemicals primarily fall into three categories: Boiler water treatment, cooling tower treatment, and biocide treatments.

Each category is tailored to meet specific system demands, ensuring optimum efficiency in terms of reduced corrosion rates, scale inhibition, and overall biological control.

Aqua Filsep Inc. offers an array of corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides that guarantee superior performance for cooling water treatment. By carefully selecting these compounds, we enable operations at higher concentration cycles, thus reducing chemical costs and conserving water.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable approach in our practices. That's why our water treatment chemicals are eco-friendly, supporting your efforts in minimizing environmental impact.

Our capabilities extend beyond mere product supply. We prioritize the minimization of scale, corrosion, and fouling throughout your entire water production system, including the boiler fireside. Additionally, we take measures to prevent microbial growth, safeguarding against corrosion, scale, and fouling in cooling water systems. This leads to a reduction in cleaning, maintenance, and unplanned shutdowns, along with optimized water, chemical, and energy usage.

At Aqua Filsep Inc., plant safety is paramount, and we strictly follow manufacturer recommendations for each application. We also provide dosing systems and on-site chlorine dioxide gas synthesis as part of our water treatment chemical systems.

If you're looking for reliable and effective water treatment chemicals for your industrial applications, we've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our Water Treatment Chemicals and explore how our solutions can enhance the efficiency and performance of your water treatment plants and systems. We look forward to being your trusted partner in water treatment excellence.

Boiler Fuel Treatment for Enhanced Efficiency and Clean Combustion

At Aqua Filsep Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of boiler fuel treatment chemicals that are specially formulated to enhance heat transfer and fuel economy. Our advanced formulations improve combustion, reduce soot formation, and effectively clean deposits on the fireside, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals for Superior Performance

Our cooling water treatment chemicals are designed to meet the specific demands of your system. Aqua Filsep water treatment chemicals include a variety of corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides that work synergistically to deliver maximum efficiency. By reducing corrosion rates and inhibiting scale formation, we help extend the life of your cooling systems and reduce maintenance costs. Moreover, our carefully selected compounds enable operation at higher concentration cycles, effectively lowering chemical costs and conserving water.

Special Additives for Chilling Plants and Close Circuit Waters

We understand the importance of tailored solutions, which is why we offer special additives for chilling plants and other close circuit waters. These additives are designed to meet the unique requirements of your systems and ensure peak performance and longevity.

Support Function Chemicals for Start-Up and Passivation

Our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions extends to offering support function chemicals for start-up and passivation. These chemicals play a vital role in ensuring smooth system start-ups and protecting your equipment during passivation processes.


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