Upflow Softener

Aqua Filsep Inc. “Ultra-softener” are used for reducing hardness-forming calcium and magnesium ions by exchanging them with soluble sodium ions. The hard water is passed through bed of strong Cation exchange resin bed. The hardness from water is exchanged to produce soft water. At the end of each service cycle, the ion exchange resin is regenerated with sodium chloride solution, after which the unit is ready for the next service cycle.

Aqua “Ultra-softener” “PS-U” and “IS-U” series are designed on COUNTER CURRENT REGENERATION technique, an advanced softening technique developed to treat large volumes of high hard water.

  • Pre treatment to reverse osmosis plant
  • Low pressure boiler feed
  • Process house
  • Cooling tower water
  • Laundry
  • Air conditioner’s
  • Beverage production
  • Hospitals & Hotels
Special Features
  • Wide application
    Fifteen basic sizes closely match most industry or commercial requirements for soft water on a continuous basis.
  • Construction features
    “Ultrasoftenizer -PS” series softeners are made from Fiber Reinforced plastic (FRP), pipes of PVC, valves of ABS and brine tank of HDPE. This materials are light in weight and corrosion and maintenance free.

    Ultrasoftenizer -IS” series softeners are made from Mild steel, fabricated as per GOOD ENGINEERING PRACTICE.

  • Easy Operation
    One single multi port valve accomplishes all operation steps. These valves are single lever operated. The lever position clearly indicates steps of regeneration and operation sequences in progress. This makes its operation fool proof by reducing operator error substantially.
  • FRP construction, lightweight, easy to install. Does not require civil work.
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested before shipment, the softener can be installed and commissioned within a day.
  • Easy to Operate due to single lever-operated multi port valve.
  • Maintenance and corrosion free as softener unit is in FRP construction and piping in Industrial Grade heavy duty PVC.
  • Lower maintenance cost and easy availability of spares.
  • One Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), pressure vessel fitted with special internal distributors.
  • One single lever- operated multi port manual Valve with brine ejector and plastic piping.
  • One complete charge of high efficiency Cation Resin in Sodium form.
  • One Combined salt tank of HDPE/FRP with fittings.
  • Auto units are available.
Sr.No Model Flow rate M3/hr Output Salt Treated Water Hardness ppm as
    Min. Max. Regn M3 Regn Kgs. CaCo3
1 PS- 836 /F 0.16 1.6 10 6 < 5 PPM
2 PS- 1056 /F 0.2 2.0 16 9 < 5 PPM
3 PS- 1280 /F 0.35 3.5 22 13 < 5 PPM
4 PS- 1310 / F 0.4 4.0 30 17 < 5 PPM
5 PS – 1415 / F 0.5 5.0 42 24 < 5 PPM
6 PS – 1618 /F 0.6 6.0 51 29 < 5 PPM
7 PS – 1825 / F 0.85 8.5 71 40 < 5 PPM
  1. Output Based on 200 ppm of total hardness as CaCo3.
  2. Min. working pressure 1.8 Kgs/cm2 and max single working pressure 3.5 kgs/cm2(g).


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