Downflow Softener

Water softening systems are used primarily to produce soft water by cation exchange, which removes Calcium and magnesium.

Aqua Softener plant Model “ISD” series answers market demands for more and more soft water at lower cost. The standard Aqua commercial series water softeners are designed to economically meet continuous demands for soft water in moderate quantities. It provides a choice of softening capacity from 105 m3 between regeneration, up to 1166 m3 between regeneration as single unit. Unit flow rates ranges from 13 m3/hr to 141 m3/hr. of highest quality and advanced design, they make Aqua Filsep Industrial water conditioning performance available to a wide range of commercial and institutional establishments.

  • Wide Application
    Eight basic sizes closely match most industrial or commercial requirement for soft water on continuous volume basis.
  • Easy Operation
    Simple design and units incorporate diaphragm valves for easy operation.
  • Easy Installation
    Softener is shipped complete in knockout conditions and easy to assemble at site.
  • High Capacity
    Uses high capacity, long life, sulfonated styrene gel bead type cation Exchange resin produced specifically for this type of softener.
  • Brine Tank
    Are corrosion proof, heavy duty plastic or mild steel rubber linned.
  • Boiler Feed
  • Process Water for Textile
  • Municipal Waters
  • Cooling Water
  • Commercial and Institutional Waters
  • One: Set of internals for the above comprising of raw water/brine distributor and bottom collecting system.
  • One: Brine Tank, to store and measure salt for regeneration of the softener, complete with brine level indicating clamp.
  • One: Set of M.S. Pipe work including regeneration piping and valves.
  • One: Hydraulically operated brine injector.
  • One: Initial charge of ion exchange resin.
  • One: Test Kit


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